The New Kosmos Guide of Medicinal Plants (written in German)

by Ingrid und Peter Schoenfelder

This site contains pictures of the Guide of Medicinal Plants edited by Ingrid und Peter Schoenfelder. There are shown as well picutures of the medicinal plants and of the dried parts of the plants used in medicine (drugs).

Content of the book is a scientific description of most important medicinal and poisonous plants native to Europe or cultivated in Europe. Total number of pictures of plants and drugs shown in the book is more than 700 and 150, respectively. On the basis of the description and of the photographs unambigous identification of each plant will be possible. Additionally there is given detailed information about active compounds, pharmacological activity and use of each drug and about common prepared Medicines (446 pages, 854 colored photographs, 103 drawings, Franckh-Kosmos Verlag, Stuttgart 2001, ISBN 3-440-07819-1, Euro 24,90).

Acces to images is possible on the basis of a list of scientific names of plants and drugs. An index of English plant names is available on DVD-ROM. In addition to the images of the Kosmos Guide the CD-ROM contains each image of the Plant Image Gallery of Th.Schoepke (total number of images more than 4500). Price of DVD-ROM is USD 30,-- + USD 5,-- (Europe) or USD 10,-- (international) for shipping by registered airmail letter. To order send an e-mail to

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Scientific Name of Drug

* Aconiti tuber (Ranunculaceae; flowering plant) * Adonidis herba (Ranunculaceae; flowering plant) * Agrostemmae semen (Caryophyllaceae; flower) * Allii sativi bulbus (Alliaceae / Liliaceae s. l.; flowering plant) * Allii sativi bulbus (Alliaceae / Liliaceae s. l.; bulbs) * Allii ursini bulbus / herba (Alliaceae / Liliaceae s. l.; flowering plant) * Ammeos visnagae fructus (Apiaceae; flowering plant) * Ammeos visnagae fructus (Apiaceae; drug/Ammeos visnagae fructus) * Angelicae radix (Apiaceae; flowering plant) * Angelicae radix (Apiaceae; drug/Angelicae radix) * Anisi fructus (Apiaceae; flowering plant) * Anisi fructus (Apiaceae; drug/Anisi fructus) * Aristolochiae herba (Aristolochiaceae; flowering plant) * Arnicae flos (Asteraceae / Compositae; flowering plant) * Arnicae flos (Asteraceae / Compositae; flowering plant) * Arnicae flos (Asteraceae / Compositae; drug/Arnicae flos) * Asari rhizoma (Aristolochiaceae; flowering plant) * Belladonnae folium (radix) (Solanaceae; flowering plant) * Belladonnae folium (radix) (Solanaceae; flowers) * Belladonnae folium (radix) (Solanaceae; fruits) * Berberidis radicis cortex (Berberidaceae; flowering plant) * Berberidis radicis cortex (Berberidaceae; fruiting plant) * Betulae folium (Betulaceae; flowering plant) * Betulae folium (Betulaceae; flowering plant) * Betulae folium (Betulaceae; drug/Betulae folium) * Calendulae flos (Asteraceae / Compositae; flowering plant) * Calendulae flos (Asteraceae / Compositae; drug/Calendulae flos) * Cannabis indicae herba (Cannabaceae; flowering plant) * Cardui mariae fructus (Asteraceae / Compositae; flower head) * Cardui mariae fructus (Asteraceae / Compositae; drug/Cardui mariae fructus) * Caricae pseudofructus (Moraceae; fruiting twig) * Carvi fructus (Apiaceae; flowering plant) * Carvi fructus (Apiaceae; fruiting plant) * Carvi fructus (Apiaceae; drug/Carvi fructus) * Chamomillae flos (Asteraceae / Compositae; flowering plant) * Chamomillae flos (Asteraceae / Compositae; drug/Matricariae flos) * Coriandri fructus (Apiaceae; flowering and fruiting plant) * Coriandri fructus (Apiaceae; drug/Coriandri fructus) * Crataegi folium cum flore (Rosaceae; flowering twig) * Cynarae folium (Asteraceae / Compositae; culture) * Cynarae folium (Asteraceae / Compositae; flower head) * Digitalis lanatae folium (Scrophulariaceae; flowers) * Digitalis purpureae folium (Scrophulariaceae; flowering plant) * Digitalis purpureae folium (Scrophulariaceae; flowers) * Ephedrae herba (Ephedraceae; fruiting plant) * Equiseti herba (Equisetaceae; sporophyt) * Equiseti herba (Equisetaceae; plant) * Equiseti herba (Equisetaceae; drug/Equiseti herba) * Fagopyri herba (Polygonaceae; culture) * Fagopyri herba (Polygonaceae; flowering plant) * Foeniculi fructus (Apiaceae; flowering plant) * Foeniculi fructus (Apiaceae; drug/Foeniculi amari fructus) * Fumariae herba (Papaveraceae; flowering plant) * Fumariae herba (Papaveraceae; drug/Fumariae herba) * Gentianae radix (Gentianaceae; flowering plant) * Gentianae radix (Gentianaceae; flowers) * Gentianae radix (Gentianaceae; drug/Gentianae radix) * Ginkgo folium (Ginkgoaceae; fruiting twig) * Ginkgo folium (Ginkgoaceae; drug/Ginkgo folium) * Helichrysi flos (Asteraceae / Compositae; flowering plant) * Helichrysi flos (Asteraceae / Compositae; drug/Helichrysi flos) * Herniariae herba (Caryophyllaceae; flowering plant) * Herniariae herba (Caryophyllaceae; flowering plant) * Herniariae herba (Caryophyllaceae; Herniariae herba) * Hyperici herba (Hypericaceae; flowering plant) * Hyperici herba (Hypericaceae; drug/Hyperici herba) * Lauri fructus (Lauraceae; flowering twig) * Lauri fructus (Lauraceae; drug/Lauri fructus) * Levistici radix (Apiaceae; flowering plant) * Levistici radix (Apiaceae; drug/Levistici radix) * Lichen Islandicus (Parmeliaceae; Lichen) * Lichen Islandicus (Parmeliaceae; drug/Lichen islandicus) * Lupuli strobulus (Cannabaceae; culture) * Lupuli strobulus (Cannabaceae; male flowers) * Lupuli strobulus (Cannabaceae; cones) * Lupuli strobulus (Cannabaceae; drug/Lupuli flos) * Menthae folium (Lamiaceae / Labiatae; flowering plant) * Menthae folium (Lamiaceae / Labiatae; drug/Menthae piperitae folium) * Myrtilli fructus (Ericaceae; flowering plant) * Myrtilli fructus (Ericaceae; fruiting plant) *  Myrtilli fructus (Ericaceae; drug/Myrtilli fructus) * Ononidis radix (Fabaceae / Papilionaceae; flowering plant) * Ononidis radix (Fabaceae / Papilionaceae; drug/Ononidis radix) * Opium (Papaveraceae; fruit) * Opium (Papaveraceae; flowering plant) * Pini pumilionis aetheroleum (Pinaceae; plant) * Pini pumilionis aetheroleum (Pinaceae; flowering twig) * Pini aetheroleum (Pinaceae; young twig) * Pini aetheroleum (Pinaceae; flowering twig) * Populi gemmae (Salicaceae; male flowering twig) * Populi gemmae (Salicaceae; leaves) * Primulae flos /-radix (Primulaceae; flowering plant) * Primulae flos /-radix (Primulaceae; flowering plant) * Primulae flos /-radix (Primulaceae; drug/Pimulae flos) * Primulae flos /-radix (Primulaceae; drug/Primulae radix) * Quercus cortex (Fagaceae; fruiting twig) * Quercus cortex (Fagaceae; male flowering twig) * Quercus cortex (Fagaceae; fruiting twig) * Quercus cortex (Fagaceae; drug/Quercus cortex) * Rhei radix (Polygonaceae; flowering plant) * Rhei radix (Polygonaceae; drug/Rhei radix) * Ricini oleum (Euphorbiaceae; flowering plant) * Ricini oleum (Euphorbiaceae; semen) * Rosmarini folium (Lamiaceae / Labiatae; flowering plant) * Rosmarini folium (Lamiaceae / Labiatae; drug/Rosmarini folium) * Salviae folium (Lamiaceae / Labiatae; flowering twig) * Salviae folium (Lamiaceae / Labiatae; drug/Salviae officinalis folium) * Sambuci flos (Caprifoliaceae; flowering twig) * Sambuci flos (Caprifoliaceae; fruiting twig) * Sambuci flos (Caprifoliaceae; drug/Sambuci flos) * Saponariae albae radix (Caryophyllaceae; flowering plant) * Tiliae flos (Tiliaceae; flowering twigs) * Tiliae flos (Tiliaceae; drug/Tiliae flos) * Urticae folium /-radix (Urticaceae; male flowering plant) * Urticae folium /-radix (Urticaceae; flowering plant) * Urticae folium /-radix (Urticaceae; drug/Urticae folium) * Urticae folium /-radix (Urticaceae; drug/Urticae radix) * Uvae-ursi folium (Ericaceae; fruiting plant) * Uvae-ursi folium (Ericaceae; flowering plant) * Uvae-ursi folium (Ericaceae; drug/Uvae-ursi folium) * Vitis idaeae folium (Ericaceae; flowering and fruiting plant) * Vitis idaeae folium (Ericaceae; fruiting plant) * Vitex casti fructus (Verbenaceae; flowering twig) *

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